Monday, December 3, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like .. global warming?

Because it is December in Chicago, the temperature should not be nearing 70 degrees. It is an unsettling fact that serves as a reminder of just how unpredictable the weather can get. Warm temperature junkies will scowl at my reluctance to celebrate this glimpse of spring, but I enjoy the cold. I will take the snow over the humidity any day of the year. Chicago guarantees at least three months packed with uncomfortable heat. Please, allow me my few months of the freezer.

As this is my first blog post ever, I am trying my best to be realistic in terms of expectations. Naturally, I want to be all ambitious and promise a new recipe a week, complete with a new film review and copious music suggestions; however, I admit all these things probably won't happen on a weekly basis. What I can promise is that I am going to try and jazz up my little space of internet so it is a place you want to visit at least weekly. Keep in mind that I am not going to make it too nice for the simple fact that I don't want to attract any extra stalkers. Yes, extra stalkers because I already have a few. 

That is my mission statement and I am sticking to it.

Look! A movie review!

 'Silver Linings Playbook'
This movie is funny, this movie is heartbreaking and this movie is well-acted. Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence stun as the stars, proving Lawrence is just as talented as you thought and Cooper isn't just a pretty face that plays a great dirtbag. There is heavy stuff and some parts really sting, but the balance of heart and humor make the harder scenes easier to face. People are going to relate to this film even if they don't want to because there is struggle here and some of it is painful. Mental illness plays a starring role, a topic carefully written and delivered without flaw. There is the absence of stereotype in relation to mental health that should be appreciated. Robert De Niro guides a terrific second string of players that collectively deliver a pretty awesome flick. Worth the cash, homes.

Here! A tune!

Here is a lovely little number that has taken control of my iPod. It is sweet and soft and worth a spin!

St. Lucia - All Eyes On You

I am compelled to point out that yesterday was one of those rare 'greatest days ever'. My sisters and I took to the city to watch the Chicago Bears not win a football game. And even though there was loss, public urination and overpriced beer, I have to admit that it was all worth it. Even as I attempted to wash my hangover from my hair this morning, I smiled at the random memories that scribbled across my mind.

Patty (after watching Jenny fish her sunglasses from her purse and slap them on): Why the shades? It isn't sunny.
Jenny: I am inappropriately hammered at a very inappropriate time, so I feel this is the only option right now.
Patty (sliding sunglasses over her eyes): Good call, coach.

We danced with beer vendors and we screamed songs with a bus-load of strangers as we shuttled to the big field. We took a few hours and a lousy football game and made the type of memories you dig for when the things aren't going so well. It was a pretty perfect day, aside from some minor details.

So there is it is: my first blog ever. While I wait for the Pulitzer and editorial job offerings to pour in, I can only hope you take mercy on my feeble attempt at creativity and join me next week. P-crest out!